Republic Act No. 6734 otherwise known as the “Organic Act for Muslim Mindanao” and Executive Order No. 425 dated October 12, 1991 which places under the control and supervision of the Autonomous Regional Government, the line agencies and offices of the National Government within the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao dealing with Labor and employment, local government, tourism, environment and natural resources, social welfare and development and science and technology, and for the purposes. The Department of Labor and Employment – ARMM is one of the service department of the national government devolved to the Autonomous Regional Government through the Executive Order No. 425 signed by then President Corazon C. Aquino on October 12, 1991.



The Department shall be the primary policy-making, programming, coordinating and administrative entity of the Executive Branch of the Autonomous Regional Government in the field of labor and employment. It shall assume primary responsibility  for:

  1. The promotion of gainful employment opportunities and the optimization of the development and utilization of the region’s manpower resources;
  2. The advancement of workers’ welfare by providing for just and humane working conditions and terms of employment; and
  3. The maintenance of industrial peace by promoting harmonious, equitable, and stable employment relations that assures equal protection for the rights of all concerned parties.



The department is the champion in developing a globally competitive and empowered Filipino workforce, ensuring protection to labor, promoting productivity, and fostering industrial peace through social partnership and exemplary governance.



The department shall promote gainful and dignified employment, ensure workers protection and welfare, maintain  industrial peace, and enhance sectoral partnership to bring about social justice and sustained equitable economic growth.



1. To promote a just, stable and dynamic industrial peace.

2. To ensure safe, healthful and humane conditions of work.

3. To enhance productivity and incomes of workers.

4. To promote full employment and manpower development.


Our Guiding Principles And Shared  Values:

1. Love of God and country

2. Passion for excellence and commitment to continuous improvement

3. Responsive to the needs of stakeholders

4. Strong sense of social justice

5. Command responsibility and accountabilities

6. Leadership by example

7. Professionalism and competence

8. Teamwork, unity of purpose and discipline

9. Modest and decent lifestyle

10. Integrity, honesty and transparency

Performance Pledge

We, the Officials and Employees  of the Department of Labor and Employees

Pledge to:

Deliver services to you in accordance with the procedures and time frame provided in our service standards, from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
O pen our telephone lines and e-mail add daily during office hours, so that you have easy access to information  on our services, wherever you are.
Listen to act on your complaints as well as suggestions regarding our procedures or personnel within the same day that you have submitted those through our Public Assistance Desks.
Ensure that we shall attend promptly to your service needs, without qualification, and courteously handle each transaction with patience and in accordance with our Code of Ethics.

Feedback and Redress Mechanism

We intent to serve you better. Please tell us how we have served you by doing any of the following:

1. Get and fill up our simple Citizens Feedback System Form available at thee desk of the Officer of the Day and drop it in our designated box.

2. Send us your feedback though e-mail ( or call us at 064-421-3347 and 064-421-9728.

We do appreciate your cooperation in helping us continuously the delivery of our services to you!



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